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François-Marie Banier

François-Marie Banier was born in Paris in 1947. A novelist and playwright, since the 1970s he has also been taking photographs of public figures as well as anonymous people in the street. In 1991 the Centre Pompidou in Paris exhibited his photographic work for the first time, and further exhibitions have since been organized throughout Europe, in Asia and in America. Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris presented a retrospective in 2003, exhibiting his "written" and "painted" photographs for the first time. He lives and works in Paris.

Books by François-Marie Banier
A 2 Doigts, Autocar Volume 9
Boîte de dessins, Boîte de dessins
Brioche Lait Pot Poire, Autocar Volume 2
Changer de corps
Changer de vie
Etoiles, Autocar Volume 6
Follow me, Autocar, Volume 8
Grandes Chaleurs
I am fascinated
I Missed You
On n'est jamais tranquile, Autocar Volume 4
Optimism, Autocar Volume 10
Pense á moi, Autocar Volume 11
Perdre la tête
Poaime, Autocar Volume 7
To have fun at home, Autocar Volume 3
Vive la Vie
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