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Deutsche in Uniform

by Timm Rautert


Timm Rautert created his 1974 series Deutsche in Uniform, in the environs of the portrait subjects, but shot them against a neutral background in order to separate them from their fields of work. This studio set-up gave special significance to the moment of representation, when the subject was captured as a symbol of the state or an occupational group. By using not only names and job titles, but also quotes from interviews, Rautert prompts the observer to focus on the subject or the connection between individual gestures and his official work clothes. In contrast to today’s professional clothing, which logos transform into outfits, the uniforms photographed by Rautert reflect a time of social upheaval. This documentary project was followed by the 1976 series entitled Die Letzten ihrer Zunft (The Last of this Profession) about the extinction of certain trades and professions.
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