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by Lou Reed

Steidl & Partners

“I love photography. I love digital. I love digital. It’s what I’d always wished for. Being in the camera and experiencing the astonishing accomplishment of the creations of life sparked through the beauty of the detailed startling power of the glass lens. A new German lens brings a mist to me. The colors and light I come to see through the beauty of the camera. A love that lasts forever is the love of the lens of sharpness – of spirit warmth and depth and feeling. It makes my body pour emotion into the heartbeat of the world. A great trade and exchange. I think of the camera as my soul. Much like a guitar. My lovely Alpa has rosewood grips. What more could you need?

Well – the pictures. “Romanticism” is exactly that: in Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Rome, China and Big Sur to name a few. The landscape and architecture that I find so fascinating. The trees and the wind billowing and dancing in Edinburgh reminding me of the storm I fell in love with in Cork. The perspectives and range of blacks and whites the perfect thing for a film noir fan. The joy of putting together a book of the best I have to give you in our exchange of viewpoints. The binding and the color and joy of working on this wondrous team again. I am very lucky to have access to what I see.”

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