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Ray Metzker

Educated between 1956 and 1959 at the Art Institute of Chicago, which had several years earlier been known as the New Bauhaus, Metzker inherited the rich vocabulary of approaches and ideas which had defined avant-garde photography between the wars: photomontage, solarisation, multiple printing of negatives, unique perspectives, diagonals, etc. From his first exposure to photography, Metzker never lost his urge to experiment with the grammar and syntax of the medium, whether it was games played within the camera itself (his Doubleframes, for example), or complex manipulations in the darkroom (his celebrated Composites). Decomposing, recomposing, deconstructing, reconstructing – Metzker reminds us of the great and inexhaustible potential of black and-white imagery – as practiced by a master.

Books by Ray Metzker
Light Lines
Notes de lumière
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