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Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon, 1923-2004, was the most eminent fashion photographer and portraitist in America throughout a six decade career. After serving as a Merchant Marine in World War II, he worked for Harper’s Bazaar and Theater Arts and began a fruitful apprenticeship with legendary editor, designer, and artist Alexey Brodovitch.

Avedon invigorated the staid fashion photography of the time, staging fictional tableaux and developing an unprecedented theatrical style. His penetrating portraits were equally revolutionary; isolating his subjects against studio backdrops, he developed a style characterized by consistent poses and sharply focused detail. Moving to Vogue magazine in 1966 and The New Yorker in the 1993, Avedon continued to innovate through advertisements, fashion spreads and editorial portraiture. Extraordinarily prolific throughout his career, he produced many books, among them Observations (1959), Nothing Personal (1964), Portraits (1976), An Autobiography (1993), and The Sixties (1999). His exhibitions were some of the mostly highly attended and acclaimed shows of the late twentieth century.

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