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Outside Inside

by Bruce Davidson


Over the course of his long career Bruce Davidson has travelled the world making reportage stories both on assignment as a member of the Magnum agency and on subjects of personal interest. A few years ago he returned to his archive of negatives housed in a room in his Manhattan apartment and began a ritual of revisiting each and every one of the stories he had made, from his work as a student in 1954 to his urban landscapes in Los Angeles in 2009. Printing in his darkroom alongside the archive, he began to elaborate a very personal selection, discovering forgotten images and throwing new light onto some of his most famous series. Outside Inside is the result of this work, a sumptuous three volume box set with fifty-three chapters over 800 pages. Each chapter is introduced by a short text written by Davidson himself. The result is a celebration of the development of a master of the medium and an autobiography, a photographer’s life seen through his work.

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Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2010 Gold Medal
Die schönsten Bücher / Best Designed Books from Germany 2010
UK £158.00
US $195.00
EC €185.00

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